Ergotrak Sales Departments cater to any potential requirement of a modern professional.

At the company's premises, the well-trained staff guide the customers and evaluate their every need in order to select the right product. Following the stringent specifications of the Associates, the Ergotrak staff has excellent knowledge of the proposed and presented products.

The products distributed and supported by Ergotrak meet the needs of a wide range of customers in the modern economy:

  1. Supply Chain Companies (Transportation Companies, Logistics Companies, Shipping)
  2. Industrial & Manufacturing Enterprises of almost all industries
  3. Commercial Enterprises
  4. Various Service Providers
  5. Tourist & Hotel Businesses
  6. Construction and Technical Contractors
  7. Mining Companies & Mines
  8. Manufacturing & Energy Cogeneration Companies
  9. Fixed Line & Mobile Operators
  10. Hospitals
  11. Farmers & Agricultural Cooperatives
  12. Public Organizations & Local Authorities
  13. Urban and Long-distance Transport Organizations & Companies
  14. Armed forces

Ergotrak's Sales Departments operate according to a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2015.



Thesi Patima,
196 00 Mandra, Attica
Tel: 210 62 93 400
            210 62 93 412
Fax: 210 62 01 845
Fax for Spare Parts: 210 6293450

Spare parts

Find out about the offers of spare parts and consumables, all of Ergotrak's affiliates.