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The guests of the Elite City Resort on the Messinian Coast are ensured continuous relaxation now that the newly installed parallel operating power generators take discreet care of their comfort.

Ergotrak has installed a solution based on two 550 kVA units, providing backup power throughout the year.
Elite City Resort has approximately 157 rooms, a bar, a restaurant, a swimming pool and is located next to the beach of Kalamata, the second largest city in the Peloponnese and famous for its black olives, traditional dances and honey confectionaries. Elite City Resort, which is one of three such resorts so far in Greece, also provides volleyball and tennis facilities as well as a small church.

The power supply solution includes two C550D5 units in parallel operation with a PowerCommand® 3201 control system which support the resort's load demands, especially during the busy months of the summer season. During winter, when load requirements are less, the resort is based only on an emergency generator, saving operating costs and providing time for maintenance whenever required.

The automatic parallel operation of the two power generators was one of the advantages of this particular solution for the Elite City Resort. The PowerCommand 3201 provides digital control of the two generators' engine operation management related to fuel feed rate, timing control, engine protection and fault diagnosis. The installation required the utmost attention in the cable route and the exhaust of the building, also ensuring that clean air will be able to circulate to cool the power generators.



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