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As an official distributor of Cummins Power Generation in Greece, Ergotrak has installed a backup solution for the new data center owned and operated by Cosmote, a provider of mobile telephony and internet services.
The basic data center of Cosmote in Athens is the largest one and requires automatic boot back-up power to protect servers, the UPS system, the cooling system and the network equipment.

Ergotrak's solution includes two Cummins Power Generators type C1675 D5A with Cummins KTA50GS8 engines. The generators are programmed to start automatically in case of network failure, ensuring the data center runs smoothly. The system has additionally been designed so that each power generator can be used as backup for the other in the unlikely event of a start-up failure.

Ergotrak was responsible for the project as a whole, including the installation of the power generators, exhaust silencers, piping, air ducts and fans. The generators were installed on a special trailer platform and special attention was paid to noise levels. Ergotrak installed a soundproofing system on the sides of suction and air depression in the engine room of the power generator so it could reach 60dba at 1 meter outside the building.
The global profile of Cummins Power Generation combined with Ergotrak's excellent reputation in the Greek market, helped ensure a contract. The strongest competitor had already installed a pair of 1000 kVA in the same location.



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