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ERGOTRAK, an official distributor of Power Generators and Cummins commercial marine engines in Greece, organized a workshop with the support of the Corporate Group for partners at the company headquarters in Magoula on May 25, 2015.

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The conference was attended and honored by the presence of the Company's associates from the field of technical and research offices, installers as well as maintenance staff of electrical installations, resellers and major clients and final consumers.  

The event started with the presentation of the SFAKIANAKIS Group, the successful projects of ERGOTRAK that have been implemented as well as the future plans of the Director of the Cummins Division of ERGOTRAK. Later on, a representative of Cummins Power Generation, the department of the Group responsible for marketing the Power Generators, made a detailed presentation of the product range and its future expansion plans.

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In a specially designed vehicle, which took part in a Cummins road show across Europe and was brought to our premises on the occasion of the event, there were sound-insulated Power Generators as well as their individual components (control panels, etc.), giving the event guests the possibility to discover Cummins' innovative design and cutting-edge technology

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In addition to the event's theme, the guests had the opportunity to see 3 Power Generators of 1 MW power each, intended for power stations, which were located at ERGOTRAK's premises until the preparatory work for their delivery was carried out.
At the end of the event a meal was offered in honor of the guests.
The event, with the same theme was held again two days later for the partners and customers of ERGOTRAK in Crete, where the Cummins European road show vehicle had also been showcased.

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